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The best thing that ever happened to you and wine.

PKT’s goal is to improve the quality of wine you drink by introducing you to small, independent producers who make wine out of love, not want of money.

We know it can be hard to break free of the wine aisle at your local supermarket or wine store – especially if you don’t have the time to do the legwork to find the small producers who are making some of the best wine available. That is what PKT is for. We visit wineries, talk to wine makers, read local trade publications, attend festivals and taste a lot of wine to find the amazing wines and great values that many independent wine makers create.

Our name, PKT, comes from the first initials of our founders, Patrick, Kate and Takaaki, but it also refers to the fundamental aspect of our business – that we ‘pick’ great wine for you. Collectively, we’ve worked in different aspects of the business (restaurants and marketing) and have come to love wine by living near some of the world’s great wine regions like, Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Alsace and South Africa. But we’ve have also had other careers that let us step outside the industry and appreciate wine for what it is – a product meant to be consumed. We believe that wine is should be enjoyed, and that the moment it becomes snobbish or overly in love with itself, then that enjoyment is lost.

That is why we started PKT – to further the enjoyment of wine – and it is our hope that you’ll never find yourself worrying about if the wine you’re bringing to a party will be good or not and that you’ll never pay $20 for a bottle of young vinegar again.